About us

Our People, our value




Our core value is based on the group's ability to offer a service that is both comprehensive and tailored to meet the needs of our clients, delivered by specialized staff. The creation of trust is the prerequisite for any successful relationship. For CELTIC GLOBAL SERVICES, each client is unique, and understanding their needs is of critical importance. Well understood, it allows the group to develop a foundation based on customer expectations, to understand the specifics, and therefore, design an appropriate, comprehensive and necessarily exclusive answer.


Work is a value and quality a priority


As artists, who know that perfection is not of this world and yet seek it throughout their work, all of our services are underpinned by the constant focus on quality. The Group is constantly working to the evolution and improvement of its services annually audited according to the ISO 9001 and AEO process. In this sense, the engagement of different businesses offering innovative services to leverage expertise is a key priority for the group. The collaboration of diverse skills of our employees adds to the wealth of our organization’s capabilities. We permanently provide training to our employees on the main technical aspects of our scope of work.

A team spirit


From its founding as a family business, the Group has maintained a sense of community strength. Continual development of skills and engaging with specialist partners has magnified our capabilities, and we endlessly strive for excellence. Understanding the importance of a safe and comfortable workplace, CELTIC GLOBAL SERVICES pays close attention to the comfort and welfare of its employees by offering optimal working conditions.

An innovative and creative company


Creativity and innovation have defined our business, and as such we recognize its benefit for your own business. With our innovative insights, we stand ready to deliver cutting edge solutions for your organization and logistics.

We care about the environment


The group has resolutely entered a new era, where the improvement in profitability is consistent with respect for the environment. The construction of our new logistics platform in France illustrates the will of the ecological group. The group continues to develop European standards Euro 5 vehicle fleet, with acquisition of "clean vehicles" for its distribution centers in France currently under consideration. Our agreement with the French Authorities through the ADEME comity is another proof of our continual research of ecological improvement and engaged our group to reduce CO2 emission as well as to provide driving training for our drivers to reduce consumption of our vehicles. Transport & Logistics are often associated with pollution, therefore it is our duty to work together for change and strive to set new benchmarks for the industry.