DDS Logistics becomes a partner of CELTIC CHINA GROUP
Monday, May 17, 2010

DDS Logistics, the French software publisher, has signed a partnership with CELTIC CHINA GROUP, subsidiary of CELTIC GLOBAL SERVICES and Groupe Legendre. CELTIC CHINA GROUP undergo intensive growth as they work for a portfolio of 70 clients in vary different fields of activity.

Benoît Honnart, Director of Celtic China Group forecasts that the use of this computer tool will enable the company to move a step forward: « The critical size we have reached forces us to reconsider our computer processes and tools. As of early June, DDS Freight will be fully operational and will enable us to go further.

We will centralize all the data related to transportation: quotations, customs data, invoicing and supply management. This should enable us to save 25% of the time usually dedicated to information and administrative management. With this new partnership, the publisher reinforces its foothold in China.

Fabrice Lebret, Branch Manager, highlights that, after a a few successes with loaders, the full service range is now on the move in Asia. DDS Logistics has operated in China since 2008 through a subsdiary in Hong Kong and a sales office in Shanghai.