Celtic in charge of packing and transportation of Aurèle exposition in Rodez Summer 2012
Friday, October 26, 2012

After several project suceeded with the french artist Aurele, CELTIC was this time choosen for the packing and transport of 4 monumental Lostdog sculpture as well as hundreds of small size artworks to be exposed in Rodez Summer 2012 show.

The pieces were loaded in Shanghai requiring specific handling and packing considering their size (more than 3m height) within 2 containers with destination France.

The exhibition started in July 2012 and ended end of September with great success after exposing sculpture all over Rodez city including one Lostdog in front of Denys-Puech museum.

After this successful project, we are looking forward for the next collaboration with the artist Aurèle with whom we have built a strong partnership.